Located in the heart of village of Vrachesh, hidden in southwestern Botevgradska valley at the foot of Murgash peak, holiday house "MG Life" offers friendly service and variety, comfort and cosines, rooms equipped to modern standards of comfort and style. Adding to that our dedication, it is all you need for your holiday away from city noise.

Located 3 km west of Botevgrad and 45 km northeast of Sofia, holiday house "MG Life" offers fast, easy and convenient access through the "Hemus" highway. Vrachesh Village is the most populous settlement in the municipality, and one of the largest in the Sofia region. Near the village, among beautiful scenery of the Balkan Mountains, lies the monastery "St. 40 Martyrs", founded in XIII century and the church "St. Dimitar" in the village center.

The village of Vrachesh is full of history dating from Roman and Thracians times seen in the inscriptions on Roman Road column, Thracian mounds, as well as remaining of fortresses "Chekanitza", "Cheshkovgrad", "Budiovgrad" and others.

The first written records date from old tax records of the Ottoman Empire from the mid 16th century. The village of Vrachesh has the status of guardian of the passage Vitinya as the area passes through the strategic road Sofia-Botevgrad. This gives grounds to interpret Felix Kanitz etymology of the village as "small door". In Vrachesh so-called "path Chureshki" practically coinciding with the road (not highway) to Sofia in Vitinya, Russian troops move from the West squad under the command of General Gurko. The headquarters of the intelligence is placed in Kamishlarskata house, still preserved in its original shape, in which for many years kept the portrait of General Gurko currently exhibited at the Historical Museum of Botevgrad. Legend has it that the safe was valuable because there were maps inside, not money. Also, legend has it that the gun machines of Gurko were transported through the mountain by the villagers voluntarily.

Thank you for choosing holiday house "MG Life". We strive to provide you with an unparalleled and unique experience during your stay with us.